Vision & Mission

Mount Everest College was instituted with a noble objective of providing educational opportunities exclusively to the indigent rural boys and girls. The College prides itself on its unflinching commitment to gender equity and women’s empowerment, which lies at the heart of its educational mission. As a “Center for Excellence,” the institution strives to foster a culture of innovation, diversity, and flexibility in all its teaching-learning, training, research, and co-curricular endeavors.

The emblem of the college, which depicts the “Sunshine Overlooking the Hills and the Mountains,” is a poignant reflection of the college’s vision and mission. It symbolizes the watchtower of the sun rays, which are the source of all life and knowledge, and reminds us of the college’s unrelenting mission to liberate the youth from the shackles of ignorance and empower them with knowledge, skills, and dreams. The college recognizes that human resources, particularly the youth, are the most valuable assets of a nation, and that their value is further enhanced by education, discipline, and skills. The college believes that the dissemination of universal knowledge through a robust teaching-learning process is the key to realizing this vision.

The college’s motto, “Ever Forward,” is a fitting embodiment of its emblem and mission. It inspires the college community to continue striving towards progress and to remain resolute in its pursuit of excellence.