The objectives of Mount Everest College include:

Providing access to higher education: One of the primary objectives of our college is to provide access to higher education for students who come from remote areas of the hilly district of Senapati. This can help to improve the economic prospects of the communities by providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue higher-education further.

Supporting the local economy: Our college’s one of the objective is to help to support the local economy by providing as well helping in getting employment for the alumni.

Fostering community development: Our college serve as a hub for community development, offering educational and cultural programs, as well as outreach activities that benefit the local community.

Developing leaders and professionals: We intend to play an important role in developing leaders and professionals who are committed to serving their communities. By providing opportunities for leadership development and community service, MEC extend help to build a stronger, more resilient community.

Promote cultural and social awareness: One the MEC’s objective is to promote cultural and social awareness by celebrating local traditions and customs, providing opportunities for intercultural exchange, and promoting diversity and inclusivity.

Supporting local small scale industries: A college in such a hilly area usually support local industries by providing education and training in areas relevant to local economic needs.

Contributing to regional development: MEC intend to contribute to regional development by producing graduates who are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to help drive economic growth and social progress in the surrounding area.

Our aims include:
To contribute the best of our capacity in removing illiteracy in the region of our generation and the generations ahead.
To provide the highest standard of personal development, including intellectual, physical and spiritual values.
To equip and direct every individual student to be fit and take part as an individual in the society and the nation in the way that suits best according to one’s own talent.
To give top priority to civic sense building and discipline so as to produce high quality secular educated persons of the highest degree of integrity and abolish corruption in the society.
To develop and promote skills of leadership so as to equip them for their tomorrow’s role as pillars of the nation.
To inculcate in them the habit of information seeking and passing.
To inculcate in them the sense of duty so as to help them lead purposeful life.
To help students appreciate cultural plurality while not mistaking the uniqueness of each one.
To educate the students in matter of human rights so as to let them understand their own right as human being and appreciate and accommodate rights of other.
To help students realize the importance of ecological balance and care for the environment and accordingly use eco-friendly articles.
To prepare the students for the future.