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Problem-solving is indeed an essential aspect of computer science, as it involves applying logical and analytical skills to identify and resolve complex technical problems. The computer science department offers a range of courses and programs that provide students with the skills and knowledge to design, develop, and analyze software systems in various contexts.The curriculum at MEC covers diverse topics such as programming languages, software engineering, database systems, operating systems, computer networks, cybersecurity, and web design, among others. The department also provides practical training opportunities to enable students to gain hands-on experience in applying their knowledge to real-world scenarios.The pedagogical practices of the department seem to emphasize interactive and experiential learning methods that enable students to explore the fascinating world of computers. The informal classroom interactions, paper presentations, quizzes, and practical exercises appear to be effective in enhancing student engagement and understanding.The range of career options available to graduates in computer science is indeed diverse, reflecting the growing demand for computer science professionals across different industries. The department’s emphasis on developing problem-solving skills and practical expertise can help students prepare for a variety of roles, including academia, research, software development, data analysis, web and app development, and freelancing. Additionally, pursuing higher studies in management or computer applications can further enhance students’ career prospects.

Faculty Members

Sanjenbam Vikram

Asst Professor and HOD

MCA (Manipur University)

RK Ritan

Asst Professor

MS (CS, California University)

Asst Professor


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