Best Practices

Through our diligent observations, we have noticed a trend among students wherein they tend to shy away from lectures due to an array of distractions, including indulging in internet surfing and mobile applications. As a result, it became imperative to rekindle their interest in attending classes. Although cognizant of the importance of attendance, enforcing it proved to be a challenging task.

In light of this predicament, we took it upon ourselves to design a completely new, tailored system aimed at addressing the issue of attendance while simultaneously ensuring effective delivery of course content. We are of the firm belief that attending classes is an integral aspect of academic progress, and as such, it is paramount that students are not only physically present but also gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter at hand. Despite the availability of numerous online courses, the critical element of a teacher’s guidance cannot be undermined as only an expert in the field can provide nuanced insights and clarifications.

In fact, when teachers practice what they preach, the impact of learning multiplies manifold. By implementing a novel, custom-made system, we hope to instill a renewed passion for learning and create an environment that fosters academic excellence.


  1. Effective follow up of Academic Calendar
  2. College Assembly every Monday and Tuesday (9:30 am to 10 am)
  3. Ethics class every Friday and Saturday at 9:30-10:00 am
  4. Cleanliness Drive by Anti-Litter Club on every Wednesday.
  5. Unmanned Shop in the Campus, maintained since 2018, to educate value of “Trust & Honesty”
  6. Frequent surprise check for intoxicant free Campus initiated by Anti-Narcotic Cell.
  7. College Uniform and Punctuality.

Free Capacity Building and Skills enhancement Class/Coaching on
1. Soft Skills
2. Language and Communication Skills
3. Life Skills (Physical fitness, health and hygiene) and
4. ICT/Computing skills from Monday to Saturday every 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.